Spantik Expedition 7027 meter


Spantik expedition 7027 meter

Embark on an extraordinary journey to scale the heights of Spantik, also known as the Golden Peak, a majestic 7,027-meter giant in the Karakoram range. Offering a combination of breathtaking landscapes, technical challenges, and Himalayan grandeur, this expedition is a dream come true for mountaineers seeking to ascend a Himalayan-scale peak.

Day 1: Arrival in Islamabad

  • Arrive in Islamabad.
  • Transfer to your hotel for rest and relaxation.

Day 2: Drive to Chilas

  • Depart Islamabad.
  • Drive to Chilas (approximately 13 hours).
  • Check into a hotel for the night.

Day 3: Drive to Skardu

  • Continue the drive to Skardu (approximately 9-10 hours).
  • Arrive in Skardu and check into a hotel.

Day 4: Formalities & Final Preparations in Skardu

  • Spend the day in Skardu.
  • Complete necessary formalities and final preparations for the expedition.
  • Rest and acclimatize.

Day 5: Drive to Arandu

  • Drive by jeeps to Arandu, marking the start of your trekking adventure.
  • Set up camp for the night.

Day 6: Trek to Tsas Chumic

  • Trek to Tsas Chumic.
  • Immerse yourself in the breathtaking landscapes of the Karakoram.
  • Set up camp for the night.

Day 7: Trek to Bolocho

  • Continue your trekking journey to Bolocho.
  • Enjoy the changing scenery and natural beauty.
  • Set up camp for the night.

Day 8: Trek to Spantik Base Camp

  • Trek to the Spantik Base Camp.
  • Begin to feel the excitement of being closer to your climbing objective.
  • Set up camp at the base camp.

Days 9-25: Climbing Days

  • Dedicated days for climbing Spantik.
  • Navigate technical sections, snow, and rock as you ascend towards the summit.
  • Experience the thrill of overcoming challenges and making progress.
  • Celebrate the achievement of reaching the summit.

Day 26: Spantik Base Camp to Bolocho

  • Descend from the Spantik Base Camp to Bolocho.
  • Begin the journey back with a different perspective on the landscape.
  • Set up camp for the night.

Day 27: Trek to Arandu

  • Continue the return trek to Arandu.
  • Reflect on the expedition and the incredible journey.
  • Set up camp for the night.

Day 28: Drive to Skardu

  • Drive back to Skardu.
  • Revisit familiar surroundings and enjoy a change of pace.
  • Check into a hotel for the night.

Day 29: Flight to Islamabad or Drive to Chilas

  • Depending on the option, take a flight to Islamabad or drive back to Chilas.
  • Arrive in Islamabad or Chilas.
  • Check into a hotel for the night.

Day 30: Chilas to Islamabad

  • If in Chilas, drive to Islamabad.
  • Arrive in Islamabad and check into a hotel.
  • Enjoy the comforts of the city after the expedition.

Day 31: Departure from Islamabad

  • Spend your last day in Islamabad.
  • Departure preparations and free time to explore the city.
  • Board your flight for the journey home.

Day 32: Homeward Bound

  • Continue your journey back home, reflecting on the incredible Spantik Expedition
  • Highlights:
  • This expedition is a mountaineer’s dream come true, offering a blend of challenging climbing, stunning landscapes, and a taste of Himalayan grandeur. The Golden Peak’s nickname, “Spantik,” translates to “Golden” in the local language, and its southern golden wall is a testament to its majestic allure. The journey encompasses a variety of terrains, from the bustling streets of Islamabad to the serene landscapes of Arandu, Tsas Chumic, and Bolocho. The technical ascent through snow and rock challenges your mountaineering skills, while the reward is the awe-inspiring panoramic views from the summit. Spantik is a Himalayan-scale objective, ideal for those who have previously tackled 6000-meter trekking peaks or are preparing for even more daring expeditions. With a focus on self-guided exploration, this expedition combines the thrill of adventure with the tranquility of the mountains, leaving you with memories to last a lifetime.



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