The Mazeno La around Nanga Parbat trek is a challenging trek that takes you through some of the most remote and beautiful parts of the Karakoram mountains. The trek starts in the Rupal Valley, near the village of Tarashing. From there, you hike up the Rupal Glacier to the Mazeno Pass, which is at an altitude of 5,400 meters. The descent from the Mazeno Pass is steep and requires the use of ropes and crampons.

  1. arrival to Islamabad
  1. drive to chilas
  2. Tarashing hotel
  3. Bazhin/ holingkoffer camp
  4. upper loiba/Shiagiri
  5. Rest day
  6. Mazeno base camp
  7. High camp
  8. Loiba camp
  9. Upper jale camp
  10. Loiba to kachal camp
  11. Kuth Gali
  12. Free day/ hiking to diamer base camp and return
  13. Kachal pass to beike camp
  14. Beike to jaliper pass
  15. Jaliper pass to jaliper high or biyel
  16. Trek to nanga parbat base camp and return to biyel
  17. Biyel to fairy meadows or chilas hotelĀ 
  18. Drive to chilas hotel
  19. Islamabad


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