Broad Peak Expedition


Broad Peak Expedition: Scaling the Majestic Heights

Prepare to undertake a remarkable journey that will test your mountaineering skills, courage, and determination as you ascend the awe-inspiring Broad Peak. With an elevation of 8,047 meters, this colossal peak beckons climbers seeking the thrill of conquering one of the world’s highest summits. Your 50-day expedition will take you through a range of landscapes and challenges, culminating in the triumphant achievement of reaching Broad Peak’s summit.


Day 1: Arrival in Islamabad

  • Arrive in Islamabad and transfer to your hotel for a well-deserved rest after your journey.

Day 2: Islamabad – Chilas

  • Begin your adventure with a scenic drive to Chilas, a journey that will set the tone for the coming days.

Day 3: Chilas – Skardu

  • Continue your journey to Skardu, a place of rugged beauty that serves as the gateway to the majestic peaks.

Day 4: Briefing and Final Preparations

  • Spend the day in Skardu, attending a briefing and making final preparations for your expedition.

Day 5: Drive to Askoli by Jeeps

  • Embark on a thrilling jeep ride to Askoli, where your trekking adventure will truly begin.

Days 6-7: Trek to Jhula and Paiju

  • Begin your trekking journey by making your way to Jhula, followed by a trek to Paiju.

Day 8: Rest Day in Paiju

  • Enjoy a well-deserved rest day in Paiju, where you can rejuvenate and take in the stunning surroundings.

Days 9-10: Trek to Urdukas and Goro-II

  • Continue your trek, passing through Urdukas and reaching Goro-II, each step taking you closer to your goal.

Day 11: Trek to Broad Peak Base Camp

  • Your journey leads you to Broad Peak Base Camp, where the next phase of your expedition will unfold.

Days 12-37: Climbing Days for Broad Peak

  • For the next 26 days, focus on climbing Broad Peak.
  • Face the challenges of the ascent, conquer obstacles, and navigate the rugged terrain.
  • The summit of Broad Peak awaits those who dare to persevere.

Day 38: Transfer from Broad Peak BC to K-2 BC

  • Transition from Broad Peak to K-2 Base Camp, where new adventures await.

Days 39-54: Climbing Days for K-2

  • Your expedition continues with 16 days dedicated to climbing K-2, one of the world’s highest and most formidable peaks.

Days 55-58: Trek Back

  • Begin your trek back, passing through Goro-II, Khuburste, Jhula, and Askoli.

Day 59: Drive to Skardu

  • Return to Skardu, where you can reflect on your incredible journey.

Day 60: Flight to Islamabad or Drive to Chilas

  • Depending on your choice, either take a flight to Islamabad or enjoy a scenic drive to Chilas.

Day 61: Free Day in Islamabad

  • Spend a leisurely day in Islamabad, unwinding and exploring the city’s attractions.

Day 62: Departure from Islamabad

  • Your epic Broad Peak Expedition comes to an end as you depart for your homebound flight.


The Broad Peak Expedition is an epic adventure that showcases the true spirit of mountaineering. From the bustling streets of Islamabad to the serene landscapes of Skardu, each stage of your journey is marked by breathtaking vistas and challenging terrains. Trek through valleys, scramble over snow and rock, and brave ice walls as you navigate your way to the summit. The thrill of reaching the summit is unparalleled, a testament to your determination and teamwork. Scaling Broad Peak and K-2 is a monumental achievement, a tribute to human resilience, and an embodiment of the indomitable human spirit. This expedition is not just about conquering peaks; it’s about forging lasting bonds, challenging your limits, and experiencing the raw beauty of nature at its most majestic.



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